Dear Peter,

Kindly prepare a ProForma for (2) silicone bags with DHL shipping. I need to replace one of my existing bags as quickly as possible.

I have attached the sketch of our bag and a ProForma from our last order for bags.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

As always, thank you for your help.

Best Regards,


Hello Peter,

I hope you are well and are not affected by the Typhoon.

Do you supply Switchable interlay? If you do, can you please advise details including pricing etc.

If you don’t can you recommend where to buy it?

Also, I notice that you have Silicone Tube. Can you please let me know how it is used and purchasing information including prices.

Kind regards,


Hi Peter

I would like to go ahead with 1 x Laminate Thermal Cutter Hot Knife.

Could you please send me an invoice, We do not use paypal

Do you have a bank account or credit card facility?



Hi Peter

Please may I have pricing for your Laminate Thermal Cutter ( Hot knife).

Do you export to New Zealand or have some here who has them?

I am looking for 1 unit only



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